Banyan Tree Yangshuo

The Banyan Tree Yangshuo is located to the east of Yangshuo town.The Big Banyan Tree is a quite large banyan tree that is 4.3 miles (7km) away from Yangshuo County in Guilin, Guangxi. More specifically, it grows at the south bank of Jinbao River in Chuanyan Village, about 1.2 miles (2km) away from the Moon Hill. It has survived over 1,400 years of wind and rain since it was planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618).In this respect, the tree is as old as Yangshuo County.

Banyan Tree Yangshuo

Banyan Tree Yangshuo

When looking at the towering banyan tree from afar, it is just like a huge green umbrella. The branches and leaves are so lush that the sunshine can hardly penetrate them. In summer time, people like to sit in its shade and have a breakfrom the hot day. The big banyan tree is also famous because the Chinese film Liusanjie was partly filmedthere.Apart from the long history and huge size, the Big Banyan Tree owes its fame to Liu Sanjie, a famous singer of the Zhuang Ethnic Group. A Chinese film about her called “Third Sister Liu” was partly shot here in the 1960s. It was under this tree that Liu Sanjie threw the embroidered ball to his lover A’niu and sang antiphonal songs with him. It was also under this tree that Liu Sanjie declared her admiration to A’niu, thus, the tree is regarded as a “Love Tree”. Now, thousands of people come to the “Love Tree” to pray for a happy relationship. 

According to the traditions of the Zhuang People, in ancient times, the Zhuangs believed in nature. They regarded animals, plants and mountains as gods. The 1,400-year-old banyan tree was treated as a god among the Zhuangs. Every year,many domestic tourists visit there to worship this ‘god tree’.

The local government constructed a bicycle path for visitors to enjoy the natural scenery on the way to the hill. Riding from downtown Yangshuo to the Big Banyan Tree Park takes about half an hour.You can rent a bike in front of West Street with a price of between 10 to 30 yuan per hour.

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