Seven Star Park

Seven Star ParkSeven Star Park (Qi xing Gongyuan), is located on the eastern side of the Li River, 1 kilometer from the city center. Seven Stars Park covers an area of 120 hectares and is Guilin’s largest park.Deriving its name from a cave called Seven-Star Cave. Seven Star Park covers an area of 40 hectares. Being the largest comprehensive and most beautiful park in Guilin , it features fantastic hills, rivers, caves and rocks. 

The major attractions of Seven Stars Park include Camel Hill, Flower Bridge, Guihai Forest of Steles, Seven Stars Cave, and Seven Stars Zoo. There are a number of smaller attractions within the park such as Maping Mosque, Dragon Hiding Cave, Crescent Stone, Zenggong Stone, Light of China Square, Three Generals and Eight Hundred Warriors’ Tomb, an amusement park for children, and a large potted landscape, all spread out over an expansive park area that is lush with greenery. The park’s major attractions are described in greater detail below.

Seven Star Cave (Qi qing yan)
A visit to Guilin would not be complete without a visit to this cave and Reed Flute Cave — the two largest, most fascinating, and best-known caves in China . The cave, which is renowned for its dazzling array of stalactites and stalagmites, is divided into three sections: an upper section that is so high and steep that one can hardly reach its top; a lower section through which runs an underground river; and a middle section that consists of an 800-meter-long tunnel whose widest point is 49 meters and whose highest point measures 27 meters. The middle section serves as the main touring area. Seven Stars Cave has been a popular tourist attraction for centuries. 

Guihai Forest of Steles
The Guihai Forest of Steles lies south of Crescent Hill, which, in turn, lies south of Putuo Hill. Here are some 220 well-preserved upright stone tablets (steles) that feature ancient engravings representing some of China’s earliest calligraphy. Most of the engravings date from the Tang (CE 618-907) and Song Dynasties. They figure prominantly in the history of Chinese calligraphy. Guihai Forest of Steles ranks second only to China’s Xian Forest of Steles, but is decidedly worth a visit.

Camel Hill
The hill is located in Seven Stars Park . It is 20 meters high looks like a one-humped camel and also like a wine pot. It was called “Pot Hill” in ancient times.Seven Stars Park’s Camel Hill thus resembles a giant camel standing in a giant grassland. The large swath of grassland in which the “camel” stands offers a pleasant stroll. The setting sun bathes Camel Hill in warm, glowing hues that are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Seven Stars Park, and Camel Hill in particular, has long been a popular tourist venue for the Chinese people, but is becoming increasingly popular with foreign tourists, owing to the park’s diversity (and size) in general, and perhaps owing to Camel Hill’s impressive vistas in particular. 

Flower Bridge
When the peach flower is blossoming, the red glow in the morning is one of Guilin ‘s eight famous sights.Flower Bridge marks the main entrance to Seven Stars Park. The bridge was originally built during the Song (CE 907-979) Dynasty. Wild flowers would often spring up around a new bridge’s ends, bathing the bridge’s land abutments in a sea of blossoms from late spring to mid-summer, and the bridge in Seven Stars Park was no exception, which explains how the bridge got its name. 

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