Yangshuo Moon Hill

Yangshuo Moon HillYangshuo Moon Hill is one of the highlights of Yangshuo’s countryside. As surely as Elephant Hill is the most iconic among Guilin’s hills, Moon Hill is Yangshuo’s icon.Moon Hill is somewhat the symbol of Yangshuo, from a distance it’s actually just a mountain with a hole in it – shaped like a moon – but it’s the nice hike up with the rewarding view from the summit that justifies it status as a must visit spot in Yangshuo. The hill is covered by dense trees and bamboo giving the hill a rich lush feeling which during the sunny summer days, offers some welcome shade from the sun. After you have conquered the more than 800 stairs leading to the moon shaped cave, where climbers can be seen showing off their skills on the overhanging cliff, you are just a few steps away from the main platform near the top that offers great views over the landscape and Yangshuo town.

Yangshuo Moon Hill  is a huge piece of rock with a moon-shaped hole in its center. The 800 marble stairs called “Appreciating Moon Path” can lead you to the top of the hill and to get a close view of the Moon Cave. Yangshuo Moon Hill is about 230 metres high and the whole climb takes about 40 minutes. Like most karst caves, there are lots of peculiar shaped stalactites hanging on the ceiling of the Moon Cave. Some are like Buddha’s warrior attendants, some like the goddess of the moon and some like jade rabbits. When cycling passed Moon Hill, with the change of viewpoints, the Moon Cave will take on the different looks of a “full moon”, “half moon” or “crescent moon”.

Yangshuo Moon HillWhat to See
Main attractions of Moon Hill Scenic Area are: Ten-mile Gallery, Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, Jianshan Temple, Butterfly Spring, viewing tower, etc.
The Moon Hill Scenic Area is a perfect climbing spot: Moon Hill Hole, Cavel Peak, Chuanyan Peak, and Butterfly Spring are famous that they are classic climbing lines.

Best time to visit

Moon Hill is located in Yangshuo Guilin, the scenery of four seasons do not have much of difference. But spring in Guilin rains a lot which is really inconvenient for traveling, and during rainy days it is easily to fall down that it is disadvantageous for climbing. Summer is very hot, so autumn is the best time to travel Moon Hill. But if tourists who want to travel Yangshuo and drop by Moon Hill can choose summer, although summer is hot, this time is wet season which is good for drifting.

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