Guilin ChinaGuilin China–Situated in South China, Guilin is like a glittering pearl on a green carpet, the scenery here enjoys the praise of “top landscape in the world”. Guilin has long been praised as the most picturesque place in China and is one of the must-see city for most western tourists. 

The name of Guilin,literally means “forest of sweet osmanthus”. The name of the city is derived from the cassia tree called “Guihuashu” in Chinese. One can see the green cassia trees standing at the most roadsides in the town. When the autumn comes, the fragrance of the blossom fills up the air making passengers refreshing and relaxed.It is a charming place for sightseeing at any time of the year with its pleasant subtropical climate. In autumn, when the sweet osmanthus is in bloom, the air of Guilin city is filled with fragrant smell of the blossoms. The green trees grows everywhere in and outside the city. 

A boat cruising on the beautiful Li River is the highlihgt of your travel to Guilin. With a boat ride from Guilin to Yangshuo, you will enjoy the winding, running and cyrstal Li River. Your boat goes past the many featuring mountains whose unique shapes have inspired and fired the imagination of each visitor coming to Guilin. In addition, the golden flowers are very pleasing to the eyes. Guilin is a world-famous scenic city, famous for its unrivalled karst landscape, exquisite mountains,limpid rivers, wired caves and beautiful rocks.

As a local travel consultant, we are much delighted to offer you our version of Top 9 Attractions in Guilin for your reference.

Guilin China

Guilin China

                     Elephant Trunk Hill 

The Elephant Trunk Hill stands in the downtown area of Guilin city, Guangxi Province of China,at the junction of the Li River and the Peach Blossom River.And there are many scenic spots on the hill, such as Water Moon Cave, Elephant Eye Stone, Hongfeng Temple, etc.The Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the four top Guilin attractions that all visitors coming to town usually stop by.            

Guilin China

Li River Cruise   

Cruising on the Li River from Guilin city to Yangshuo county is enjoyable no matter what the weather is like. During sunny days, tourists can see the inverted reflection of the hills on both sides clearly in the water. During cloudy days, the hills are surrounded by mist and tourists may feel they are cruising in a mystical paradise. Guilin China                                                                                                    

Guilin China

Longji Terraced Fields

Longji Rice Terraces is a beautiful natural picture. The linked together rice terraces vary from season to season. In spring, the water is irrigated into the fields and the terraces look like great chains or ribbons hung on the hillsides. When the onset of summer, green waves rush continuously down the mountainside from the heaven. Guilin China                                                                                  

Guilin China

Reed Flute Cave  

Reed Flute Cave is a fascinating gallery of natural sculptures (limestone cave formations), now enhanced by multicolored lighting, which has been one of Guilin’s many interesting attractions for over 1,200 years. 

Jingjiang Princes City

ingjiang Princes City is located beside the Li River. It is a tourist attraction highlighted by the gorgeous Solitary Beauty Peak and covers the whole JingJang Prince City.                                                                                 

Yulong River

Yulong River,also called Little Li River, rises in Lingui County in Yangshuo. The river is about 43 kilometers (26 miles) long, with a drainage area of approximately 158 square kilometers (39,043 acres).              

Impression Sanjie Liu

Impression Sanjie Liu is a large-scale real-scene night show that originated from a traditional Zhuang people’s folk story, showing an artistic conception of harmonious co-existence between man and nature.                   

Guilin Seven Star Park

Deriving its name from a cave called Seven-Star Cave.Seven Star Park covers an area of 40 hectares. Being the largest comprehensive and most beautiful park in Guilin,it features fantastic hills,rivers, caves and rocks.    

Yao Mountain

Yao Mountain lies in the east of Guilin.The highest peak is 903.3 meters high and is the highest hill in Guilin.There’s an excellent view from the top,which you can get to either by cable car,or with a hike up the hill itself.