Guilin Tours

Guilin,a small, beautiful and quiet city full of unique places.If Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo’s scenery is the best in Guilin. Explore Guilin, Dragon’s Backbone Terraced Fields and Yangshuo in a different way to enjoy its internal beauty.
Based on the scenic characteristics, Guilin can roughly be divided into six scenic areas: Guilin-Li River-Yangshuo scenic area; Xing’an’s Lingqu Canal scenic area; Maoershan Mountain scenic area; Longsheng virgin forest scenic area; Ocean-Gaoshang ginkgo forest scenic area; and Qingshi Pond Reservoir Scenic Area. In the city proper there are scenic spots as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Whirlpool Hill, Camel Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Tower Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Cavern, and scenic sights along the Lijiang River. A boat trip from Guilin along the Li River presents one of the finest excursions on your tour of China.
Our Guilin tours offer the most popular Guilin tour packages and Guilin day tour. During the Guilin tour, such must-sees as Li River,Reed Flute Cave,Elephant Trunk Hill,Longji Terraced Fields and are all arranged for discovery. If the following Guilin tours could not meet your needs, we could customize a Guilin tour for you. Join us and enjoy your fantastic Guilin tours! 

Guilin Group Tour

Guilin Group Tour, also called Guilin bus  tour, organizing a join-in group of different visitors to explore Guilin various attractions. Groups are kept to about 10 passengers in a comfortable modern coach with professional chauffeurs.The cheapest price and excellent service let you enjoy your coach trips happily. If you have any question or demand before and in your tour, you can email or Call us. We will try our best to solve your needs in 24-hour. 

Guilin Tour

 (G-B01) One Day Guilin City Group Tour

 (G-B03) One Day Longji Rice Terraces Tour  

 (G-B02) One day Li River Cruise Group Tour 

Guilin Tour

 3 Days Guilin Group Tour Packages  

 3 Days Li River,Longji Rice Terraces Group Tour

 4 Days Li River Cruise & Longsheng Group Tour 

Guilin Day Tours

If you have very limited time in Guilin, this is the tour for you. It has personal guide,private car or van,You can have your friends with you.You can set your own pace.This tour takes you to all of Guilin’s most famous sites. If you have heard about or read about other places that you would rather go, please contact us. We can design a tour just for you.

Guilin Tours

(GP01)One Day Guilin City Tour                                                  Price from:US$ 85    

(GP02)One Day Guilin Li River Cruise Private Tour                Price from:US$ 105          

(GP03)One Day Longji Rice Terraces Private Tour                  Price from: US$ 90           

(GP04)One Day Yangshuo Essence Private Tour                    Price from:US$105     

(GP05)One Day Gudong Scenic Area,Crown Cave Tour       Price from:US$ 86  

(GP06)Guilin Reed Flute Cave & Yaoshan Hill Day Tour       Price from:US$ 85      

Guilin Tour Packages

Our pre-designed Guilin tour packages offer you 2-6 day packages with or without hotel bookings, either exclusively private tour or join-in group tour at your own choice.We also can customize any of the listed tour packages to meet your travel needs. Or you may just Submit Your Enquiry, one of our Tour Guilin staff members will contact you in 12 hours, offering you free travel advisory service and planning Guilin tour per your specific request with or without quotes.

 (GP-21) 3 Days Guilin Private Tour Package(without hotel)        Guilin Tours

 (GP-26) 4 days Guilin Li River Cruise & Yangshuo Private Tour      

 (GP-23)5 Days Guilin and Yangshuo Private Tour(with hotel)      

 (GP-24)6 Days Guilin Tour Package(without hotel)       

 (GP-27) 6 Days Li River Cruise,Yangshuo and Longsheng Tour(with hotel) 

 (GP-28)7 Days Longsheng,Sanjiang,Li River Cruise,Yangshuo Tour   

 (GP-25)4 Days Guilin Muslim Tour(without hotel)